Kibana 7.17.7 & openid 'redirect_uri' parameter is not a valid

Elasticsearch version:
7.17.7 , same as kibana, FLX 1.1.0

according documentation we should use server.publicBaseUrl instead of searchguard.frontend_base_url but it doesnt work.
Kibana OIDC Quick Start | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard (

Error details: MSIS9224: Received invalid OAuth authorization request. The received 'redirect_uri' parameter is not a valid registered redirect URI for the client identifier: 'urn:apps:kibana:env-project'. Received redirect_uri: ''.

there is a forward slash missing after basePath env-project !!


server.publicBaseUrl: ""
server.basePath: /env-project
searchguard.frontend_base_url: ""


server.publicBaseUrl: ""
server.basePath: /env-project