Cannot reach Kibana dashboard URL after Keycloak (openid) login

Hi ,

We are using “” documention to integrate kibana with openid(keycloak).
Access to kibana UI through keycloak is successful.

We have created a dashboard in kibana & tried to share that dashboard to others through the “copylink” tag available in kibana. When someone tries to open that dashboard URL , It redirects to keycloak page for authentication & after successful login, it loads kibana home page. But my expectation was to load the dashboard page directly after keycloak authentication.

In our case “searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url” is set to https://: in kibana configuration , is this the reason that ,it always redirect to the kibana homepage?
But, even if I do not set this value, the default value of “searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url” is taken as, server.port and server.basepath from kibana.yml .

What do you suggest here in my case? Is there a way to set “searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url” to such value , so that it can redirect to the actual page expected in a copylink rather than redirect to the home page of kibana?


The anonymous authentication can be a solution

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Did you set Valid Redirect URI’s correctly? Do you see any error in the Kibana log?

Also, please provide your kibana.yml.

I have set the valid URL’s to https://kibana_host:kibana_port/auth/openid/login and https://kibana_host:kibana_port/app/kibana .
But I have tried setting it to ‘*’ as well in this case, it does not redirect to the intended dashboard url , It redirects to the home page ( /app/kibana) only .

Also, there are no error logs in kibana when this occurs.

Below is the kibana.yaml configuration:

Blockquote kibana “0”
server.customResponseHeaders: { “X-Frame-Options”: “DENY” }
#server.ssl.supportedProtocols: [“TLSv1.2”] true
#elasticsearch.requestHeadersWhitelist: [ “Authorization”, “sgtenant”, “x-forwarded-for”, “x-proxy-user”, “x-proxy-roles” ]
searchguard.auth.type: “openid”
searchguard.openid.connect_url: “http://:<keycloak-/auth/realms/elk/.well-known/openid-configuration”
searchguard.openid.client_id: “elk-kibana-sso”
searchguard.openid.client_secret: “5ef93c38-3122-4bea-85e8-84825838c3cf”
searchguard.openid.header: “Authorization”
searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url: “https://:5601”
searchguard.openid.root_ca: “/etc/kibana/certs/keycloak-root-ca.pem”


Try to put https://kibanahost:5601/* as the only value in the Valid Redirect URI field.

Also, you missed the host part in searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url. A valid option is https://kibanahost:5601 where the kibanahost is a valid hostname resolved by DNS.


searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url: “https://:5601”

Let me know.

Hi ,

I have tried using https://kibanahost:kibanaport/* as the only value in the Valid Redirect URL field , But I could see the same issue again, the dashboard URL from copylink tag redirects to kibana homepage after keycloak authentication.

Also , searchguard.openid.base_redirect_url is set to a valid url i:e https://kibanahost:kibanaport in kibana.yaml , previously which value I have posted for the same was a typo mistake from my end.

could you please help me for this issue ?