Intermittent errors using Signals plugin

Hello everbody!

I know that Signals is still in beta, but I was trying to get a taste of it and I’m having a weird behavior using it. While executing any action in signals tab in kibana, sometimes it works and sometimes I get a Unknown tenant: null error.

When I do get the error, I get the following error on JS console:
{message: "Unknown tenant: null", body: {…}, path: "/_signals/watch/_main/_search?scroll=25s", statusCode: 500}


Not working

Even when creating/deleting/updating the watchers or agents I am having the same behavior and would have to try several times until they get created/deleted/updated

I’m using ES 7.5.0 and Kibana 7.5.0 and also have multitenancy disabled in both (SG config and Kibana).

Thanks in advance

Strange, I can’t reproduce the issue. Do you use the latest tech preview package?

Could you please share the following data?

  1. Kibana config - kibana/config/kibana.yml
  2. Kibana log. Make sure you have logging.quiet: false in kibana.yml to have logs
  3. Elasticsearch log. Make sure you have the following lines in elasticsearch/config/ = com.floragunn.searchsupport
logger.sgs.level = debug = com.floragunn.signals
logger.lrt.level = debug =
logger.rh.level = debug = com.floragunn.searchguard.privileges = debug = com.floragunn.searchguard.filter.SearchGuardFilter
logger.sgf.level = debug

Hey @Sergey_Bondarenko sorry taking so long to answer here. I fixed it by redeploying the sg configurations (roles, role_mappings, etc).
After that it seems to work - not sure how I ended in that situation though.

Also I did tried setting the logs to debug, but I couldn’t find anything differente than that Unknown tenant: null message.

Anyway, tnks for answering back!

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