Integration between Elasticsearch, Search Guard and Siren not working

I have installed elasticsearch, kibana and siren on my system with the certificates generated using SG certificate builder… Elasticsearch and KIbana work fine however when I try connecting from Siren I get an an ACL error. I observed that an error is getting logged in ES log file

[2019-11-14T11:32:02,899][ERROR][c.f.s.a.BackendRegistry ] [K4EWiSq] Not yet initialized (you may need to run sgadmin)

but it does not mention the error… any suggestions would be helpful. Thx

elasticsearch.yml (4.4 KB)
sg_action_groups.yml (3.4 KB)
sg_config.yml (11.4 KB)
sg_config.yml (11.2 KB)
sg_internal_users.yml (1.5 KB)
sg_roles.yml (7.9 KB)
investigate.yml (5.9 KB) sg_roles_mapping.yml (843 Bytes)

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