I am adding the SG User using SG Admin command , it is not working

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Elasticsearch version: 7.17.3

Server OS version: Windows 2019

Kibana version (if relevant): 7.17.3

Browser version (if relevant): chrome

Browser OS version (if relevant):

Describe the issue:
I am trying to add the users in the SG Config files… using SG Admin command , it fails .

./sgadmin.sh -f ../sgconfig/sg_internal_users.yml -t internalusers  \
    -ts ... -tspass ... -ks ... -kspass ...

can you plz let me know what am i doing wrong here, it is not updating the sg admin cluster

I have a 3 node ELK Cluster. I am trying to run this command from the master node of the elk cluster

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Expected behavior:

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kibana/config/kibana.yml (if relevant)

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Kibana (if relevant)

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Hi @amalk12

Which version of Search Guard do you use?

I use 53.4.0 version of SG ,its a community edition

Please try to run the command below:

./sgadmin.sh -f /.../sgconfig/sg_internal_users.yml -icl -nhnv \
-ts ... -tspass ... -ks ... -kspass ...

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