How to search .signals index during alerts

Hi Team,
I need to send the alert id along with the alert to Netcool, however there is no way to apply search query in alerts on .signals index.

Kindly suggest some workaround.


@ankita1596 Which index exactly are you referring to?

@ankita1596 Have you tried this document?

Hi Pablo,
Which document are you referring to?


I need to collect the id of the alert from .signals index which is hidden.

@ankita1596 Sorry, this one.

How can it help me?

Hi Ankita,

the .signals index is usually not meant to be searched for security reasons. It can contain data from different tenants that might be sensitive.

Could you explain the reason why you need to search the index? This way, we could try to find workarounds.


Hi Nils,
Apologies for delay in response.

I need to extract the watches list along with the thresholds set in the watches. Is there any way to fetch this data?

Please suggest.


You can use this API to search for watches and to get the JSON code: