How to access signal configuration indices when REST TLS is disabled

I am using ELK 7.8.0 and SG plugin 7.8.0-43.0.0.
I have disabled REST layer TLS. So how can I access the signals_* indices in such cases without Admin Certificates.

That would not easily be possible. The indices contain sensitive information, so a regular user does not have direct access to them, only via the Signals REST API. What is it that you want to achieve / what is your use case?

When ISTIO is enabled on ES cluster, istio will take care the certificate management on REST layer. Hence, I have disabled TLS on REST layer.
Now, in this case I want to run backup and restore. Since I do not have Admin Certificates how can I run ES Snapshot API on .signals indices?

The configuration indices are protected and protected indexes can only be accessed with a certificate. It is not possible right now to backup signals indices without a certificate. We will discuss internally whether we should lift these restrictions and allow other means of authentication.

Hi. We have an option to allow creating and restoring snapshots while REST layer TLS is disabled. See this response Including protected searchguard security & signal indices in snapshots when TLS on REST layer is disabled - #3 by srgbnd