Feature request: Auto-selection of tenant

Hi Team,

I would like to know, Is there an option to configure an user to land in specific dashboard instead of selecting the list of dashboard on his/her first logging?

For eg: If A user is configured access to tenant_A and tenant_B by default kibana should either one of two.


@Mike Could you please investigate if this is feasible to implement?

Hi @yasvanth,

I’ll look into this. Just to make sure I understood you correctly, here are a few questions:

  1. You would like to define a dashboard id, to which the user should be redirected when logging in?
  2. Depending on which tenant is active, there can be different dashboards defined?
  3. Would the dashboard be different for different users, or is the default dashboard bound to a certain tenant? E.g. tenant_a has a default dashboard id, and tenant_b another one?

The closest thing I can think of right now is
a) using the kibana.yml setting searchguard.multitenancy.preferred to select a given tenant when logging in.
b) adding the sg_tenant=“tenant_a” query parameter to a given dashboard url (the share dialog adds it automatically)
But this is probably not quite what you are asking for?


@Mike, Thanks for your follow-up. If I define a tenant in kibana.yml I would be have the same tenant for all user.

I would like to have feature like we define default tenant and index for a SG role, when user logged in tenant selection and Index creation should be done in back-end. So user might not need to create the index patterns.


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