Create custum roles for external Users (AD users)

Hello, I’m new in Searchguard, and i would like to ask how to assign a Search Guard role to a user in an Active Directory management system (Limit access for some aD users only to some indices). Is that Possible

Note: (Integration with AD was already done and users can access kibana with their AD credentials)

Thanks in Advance

Actually, the question is : Does search guard support Index-level Permissions ( Limiting access to indices) for external users.

Hi Aymen, we’re not using AD but this is certainly possible. For instance, we’re using both kerberos and openid, and we can assign any kind of permissions to those “external” users. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible with AD.

Thanks @faxmodem , just hier you mean assigning permission in search guard config or in kerberos side for exemple?

In search-guard ! Here’s an example :

      - rickd@EXAMPLE.COM

The first user is authenticated using kerberos (hence the capital letters from the Kerberos realm).
The second user is authenticated using Openid.

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