Confused with setup docs and process

Hi there,
I have Elasticsearch 5.1.1 . I have installed Security Guard version 9 from command line and I don’t know what to do now further. You documentation as very confusing. It says that the SSL plugin is already merged with the search guard in one place, but in another place in github it offers to install for 5.X versions. So what will be my simple 2-3 steps to make elasticsearch work only with a login:pass@host:port ??

After I have restarted elasticsearch does not allow to connect to itself anymore, connection is refused. I did not do any setup,

only in elasticsearch.yml I have entered


  • cn=admin,ou=Test,ou=ou,dc=company,dc=com

What to do? I am really confused :frowning: I need urgently to make elasticsearch working as before witth X-Pack with http://login:pass@host:9200 is that possible?