Cannot read property 'call' of undefined

I am using ELK-6.6.1 with SG plugin.
OS- CentOS 7.6

I ended up with the below error when i tried to access Kibana UI.

Cannot read property ‘call’ of undefined. Attached the snippet for the same.
Can you suggest me what is the problem here and provide me a solution

Hi there,

If you open the console in the browsers developer tools, do you see any additional error information?
Or maybe a network call that returns an error?

If this error comes every time you load Kibana, could you try deleting the authorization cookie?
You could also try deleting systeminfo and restapiinfo from the session storage in the browser.


Hi @Mike,
I don’t have the setup now. And the same thing i am not able to reproduce. I tried accessing the Kibana UI in incognito window also. But the issue remains the same. So i don’t think it is to do with session cookies.
I am using it in k8s environment(Helm chart). So when I restarted Kibana pod the issue did not occur again. So what do you suspect the cause of this issue?

When Kibana is opened we load some information about the system and rest api and store them in the session storage.
Not 100% sure, but I’ve seen something similar once or twice when the backend has returned something unexpected, which in turn was cached in the browser’s session storage. That’s why I though deleting those values may be a start at least.

But I’m glad that it seems to be working now. Let me know if this happens again, hopefully we’ll be able to find the reason.


We are able to reproduce the same in another lab. Please refer the attachement of error logs from browser.

kibana-browser.log (9.0 KB)

Hmm according to the attached log file, there’s an error that happens outside of Search Guard.
“Badly formed controller string” seems to point to this file: kibana/grid.html at v6.6.1 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
And from the looks of it, that html file is missing a closing “” at the end of the file.

A few things to test:

  1. Does this error happen without Search Guard installed too?
  2. If possible, could you add a closing </div> to that Kibana file and see if it makes a difference?
  3. If you stop Kibana and then delete the contents of the optimize folder, and then restart - does that change anything?

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