Broken Kibana Dark Theme?

Hi all,

I recently upgraded an ELK stack to 7.10.2 with accompanying Search Guard plugins (49.0.0 for Elastic and 49.1.0 for Kibana). It appears that the dark mode theme is not working in this Kibana version. Based on this issue, it seems like it may be caused by Search Guard: Dark Mode Not Functioning in Kibana 7.10.1 · Issue #88925 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Is anyone else experiencing this? Are they are workarounds or plans for fixes?


Hi @ecker

I’ve reproduced this issue. It was working in 7.9.3 but since 7.10.0 it doesn’t.
Have a look at the link below.

It seems that dev knows about this bug.

+1 on this.

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