New release: Search Guard 51 for Elasticsearch 7.12.x and 7.10.2

We can now announce the next release of Search Guard.

Especially for the Kibana plugin, Search Guard brings lots of UX enhancements and other improvements:

Simplified tenant selection

It is now much easier to switch between several tenants in Kibana. The current tenant is now displayed in the top navigation bar in the box with a coloured border. Just click on it and you’ll get a popup which allows you to choose between all available tenants.

Signals: Editing watches as JSON

The Signals UI now allows you to completely view and edit the JSON source code of a Signals watch.

Handling of Kibana shared links with OIDC

This is a breaking change of users of OIDC: In previous Search Guard versions, shared links in Kibana would not work correctly with OIDC authentication. This version fixes it. It requires however a smal configuration change in the IdP which is documented in the release notes

Support for HTTP proxies in Signals checks and actions

You can now specify HTTP proxies for all Signals checks and actions which create HTTP connections. This can be useful if you are running your ES installation in a setup which does not allow direct outgoing HTTP connections.

Support for Elasticsearch 7.12.x and 7.10.2

We have adapted our release policy to the new situation in the Elasticsearch ecosystem. From now on, we will release new major versions of Search Guard both for the most recent Elasticsearch version and for Elasticsearch 7.10.2, i.e., the last version based on the Apache 2 licensed Elasticsearch code.

… and more

You can find the full changelogs here:

You can find all versions here:

Search Guard Version Matrix

As always, we appreciate your feedback, questions, and feature requests here on the forum.

Have fun and have a great weekend!

Many greetings from the Search Guard team

Search Guard (®) is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, and authorization.

Coded with love in Berlin, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine and the US.

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