Adding regex index permissions to role via kibana GUI

Hey, I’m using

Elasticsearch version: 7.8.1
Kibana version: 7.8.1

and from

it says it is possible to use Dynamic index patterns with Wildcards and regular expressions.
It also says
Hint: You can also use the [Kibana Confguration GUI]
so i was wondering, if it is somehow possible to use regular expressions
in the index permissions of the role definition of the search guard kibana plugin
i tried several patterns, but no luck

thanks a lot for any answer in advance

In the role definition, you can use regular expressions only in the index_permissions.index_patterns.

For example

    - ...
    - index_patterns:
      - "logstash-*"
        - CRUD

What do you want to achieve? Post some examples.

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i wanted to use the GUI for creating index permissions, in the kibana plugin on
but wasn’t lucky with escape characters, now i found out how to do it correctly
it matches all, i was a little confused earlier about the escape characters
so i found my solution, thank you for looking into my problem @srgbnd

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Hi @elasticT. Thank you for the feedback.
Can you either post a screenshot of the role in UI or its YAML for future reference here in the forum?

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