Viewing auth backend configuration

In (7.1.1) 35.0 the Authentication and Authorization panel used to show all the configured backends -

I’ve recently been adding LDAP authentication to a (7.4.0) 40.0 install, and only the internal and clientcert details are shown there, though I’d expect to see two ldap_xxx backends:


This was very handy to confirm that the expected config was loaded. (It’s definitely enabled, as one of my LDAP auth sources is working, I’m just trying to diagnose a problem with the other).

Has that intentionally been removed for some reason?

Yes, the panel should show all backends in the left side navigation menu.
Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 10.42.03

Something is wrong with your configuration. Please provide the following data

  1. Result of Substitute with your kibana hostname and port.
  2. SG config from elasticsearch/plugins/search-guard-7/sgconfig/sg_config.yml
  3. Value of systeminfo from your browser Session Storage
  4. Any relevant error from Elasticsearch or Kibana log
  5. Any relevant error from the browser console

Hi, I’m putting together a redacted version of config files for you. Can I PM that?

Can I PM that?

Sure, you can send a personal message to me.

Naturally, I get dragged onto another task for a sprint… will get this to you asap now.

We have it fixed. If you give me the exact Kibana version, I can create a build for you to try it before the release.