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**Elasticsearch version:8.12.2

**Server OS version:centos 7
Search guard version

Error Message
Successfully connected to cluster elasticsearch (localhost) as user CN=Server,
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in fragment at index 36: /searchguard/internal_users/…username…encripted
at java.base/
at org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpGet.(
at com.floragunn.searchguard.sgctl.client.SearchGuardRestClient.get(
at com.floragunn.searchguard.sgctl.client.SearchGuardRestClient.getUser(
at com.floragunn.searchguard.sgctl.commands.user.UpdateUser.lambda$call$1(
at com.floragunn.searchguard.sgctl.commands.BaseCommand.retryOnConcurrencyConflict(
at picocli.CommandLine.executeUserObject(
at picocli.CommandLine.access$1500(
at picocli.CommandLine$RunLast.executeUserObjectOfLastSubcommandWithSameParent(
at picocli.CommandLine$RunLast.handle(
at picocli.CommandLine$RunLast.handle(
at picocli.CommandLine$AbstractParseResultHandler.execute(
at picocli.CommandLine$RunLast.execute(
at picocli.CommandLine.execute(
at com.floragunn.searchguard.sgctl.SgctlTool.exec(
at com.floragunn.searchguard.sgctl.SgctlTool.main(
Caused by: Illegal character in fragment at index 36: /searchguard/internal_users/…
at java.base/$
at java.base/$Parser.checkChars(
at java.base/$Parser.parse(
at java.base/
at java.base/
… 17 more
Failed to update user. The installation was aborted.
Below username is works in elasticseach 6 but throws error in elasticsearch 8.12.2

Cause for this error and how to resolve it.
And what is official documentation says about username and password

Below is yml /var/lib/elasticsearch
path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch false true
enabled: false
keystore.path: certs/http.p12
enabled: true
verification_mode: certificate
keystore.path: certs/transport.p12
truststore.path: certs/transport.p12

  • elasticsearch localhost.localdomain localhost,ip
    http.port: 9200
    searchguard.enterprise_modules_enabled: false
    thread_pool.write.queue_size: 1000
    discovery.seed_hosts: ip
    http.max_content_length: 500mb
    indices.query.bool.max_clause_count: 200000 50
    searchguard.ssl.transport.pemkey_filepath: key.pem
    searchguard.ssl.transport.pemcert_filepath: cert.pem
    searchguard.ssl.transport.pemtrustedcas_filepath: cacert.pem
    searchguard.ssl.transport.enforce_hostname_verification: false
  • TLSv1.2
    searchguard.ssl.http.pemkey_filepath: key.pem
    searchguard.ssl.http.pemcert_filepath: cert.pem
    searchguard.ssl.http.pemtrustedcas_filepath: cacert.pem
    searchguard.ssl.http.enabled: true
  • TLSv1.2
  • CN=Server,XXXXXX
    searchguard.check_snapshot_restore_write_privileges: true

Hi @Varinder1,

I have noticed that you are using the RC version, the GA is now available and I would strongly suggest using GA, please see more here:

How did you deploy your internal user, and how did you hash passwords?


I am using elasticsearch 8. I am using latest version of searchguard.2.0.0

@mantas Am I missing something, please suggest . Can i use **pongo#~!$*()_-+=.?/pongo#~!$()-+=.?/pongo#~`!$()-+=.?/db18 as a username without any issue.

@Varinder1, yes that is the correct way to get the plugin.

Should look something like: (with out rc)

how do you create your internal users?

Could you please elaborate on the below:


I have tried the GA version it also fails
“${INSTALL_PATH}”/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b file:“${SCRIPT_PATH}/sources/” >>“${INSTALL_LOG}”

I did not do anything special to create internal user

I also want to edit this post , can any body help me with this .

Can anybody brief the discussion?
It’s getting tough to understand cause the coding is just too much and messy.

I was using pongo#~!$*()_-+=.?/pongo#~ !$() -+=.?/pongo#~`!$() -+=.?/db18 as user name it is working fine in ES6 but throwing error in ES8.
Thats it.

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