Support Date for 7.16.2

Hi folks,

when do you Plan to release Support for 7.16.2 which contains log4j 2.17?



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when sg 7.16.2 will be realased ?

The plugin for Elasticsearch is already available at Index of search-guard-suite-release/com/floragunn/search-guard-suite-plugin/7.16.2-52.5.0

The Kibana plugin will follow soon.

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@nils Do you have an ETA for the Kibana plugin? Thanks for the Update!

The ETA for the Kibana plugin would be right now: Index of search-guard-kibana-plugin-release/com/floragunn/search-guard-kibana-plugin/7.16.2-52.2.0

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Nice ETA :smiley: Thanks

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