Still unable to connect to ldap due to empty truststore filepath

Hi To the experts,

Need some guidance on how to setup the proper authentication and authorization with window LDAP server 2019.

Been trying for quite some time.

Few questions to clarify!

  1. Does the sgadmin configuration need to reload with ldap cert

  2. Any additional configuration with regards to elasticsearch yml, sg_config and role mapping.

  3. Any conflict with the current default basic SG authentication?

Hope anyone can enlighten me about this.

Thank you very much.

The sgadmin configuration is below:

./ -icl -nhnv -h -cd …/sgconfig -keypass xxxxx
-cert ./AdminNode.pem -key ./AdminNode.key -cacert ./root-ca.pem

elasticsearch.yml (1.1 KB) sg_config.yml (7.2 KB) sg_roles_mapping.yml (73 Bytes)

Please post your complete sg_config.yml and elasticsearch.yml (without sensitive data/passwords).
Please also share any logs related to “missing truststore file path” (with full stacktraces if applicable).

Looking into the provided config it seems that you need to set enable_ssl: true in both the authc and authz section of your LDAP configuration. Please also refer to LDAP Connection | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard .

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