SSL Problem Insufficient buffer remaining for AEAD cipher fragment in elaticsearch

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Elasticsearch version:

Describe the issue:
I am working on the kubernetes environment and having 3 elastic master pods, 3 client pods and 2 data pods. I have configured elastic search with searchguard and provided proper certificates and keys. While stating elastic search, in between I am getting error message “SSL Problem Insufficient buffer remaining for AEAD cipher fragment (2). Needs to be more than tag size (16)”, here I have noticed that its starting my cluster with any problems or I can say that kubernetes cluster ignored this error message.
But here my concern is why this error message is coming if all the certificates and keys are correct and also I provided sufficient cpu resources for all the pods. Can anyone please guide me on the same.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Its intermittent issue.

Expected behavior:
Error message should not come.

This error due to this unresolved Java bug Loading... It doesn’t affect the work of the cluster.

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