[search-guard group] Searchguard certificate configuration in distributed environment

maybe you want to start with our preconfigured Search Guard Bundle GitHub - floragunncom/search-guard: Search Guard Plugin - Security for Elasticsearch ?


Am 26.10.2017 um 08:58 schrieb sankar dunga <sankardunga@gmail.com>:

Hi All,

Below is my setup configurations
* Search Guard and Elasticsearch versions : 5.5 and 5.5
* JVM version : 1.8
* operating system version : Centos 6.5

There many discussions, still I'm not able to understand configuration of certificates in elasticsearch distributed environment.

I've 2 node setup i.e. 1 master and 1 node, I'm not able to configurare this setup with searchguard. Single node setup is working fine.
I am generating certificates using below PKI scripts for single node setup.
        gen_root_ca.sh capass changeit
       gen_client_node_cert.sh spock changeit capass

my questions are:
-> Which certificate we need to create for master node ?
-> Which certificate we need to create for Storage node ?
-> Do we need to copy any truststore key from master node to storage node ?
-> Does in requires any configuration changes in elasticsearch.yml ?

Please help me to configure searchguard in distributed environment.


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