Search Guard for ElasticSearch 7.6.0


The Latest Releases page indicates that Search Guard 40.0.0 for ES 7.6.0 has been released, however I can’t find a Maven package deployed for it in the central Maven repository (neither can I find the corresponding Kibana plugin). Did I not look at the right place or does it take some time before a release and the publication on the Maven repository?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

You will find the URLs for all available Search Guard and Kibana plugin versions here:

You can either download the plugin and install it like:

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install file:///path/to/search-guard-7-<version>.zip

Or you can install it directly from our release server like:

bin/elasticsearch-plugin install<version>/search-guard-7-<version>.zip

You can find the all download URLs on the versions page.

Do you mean that it’s not possible anymore to install SearchGuard from the Maven repository? I see that I can download SeachGuard for ES 7.6.0 from the URLs that you mention, but that version is not visible on the Maven repo.

Hi, I’d also be interested to get a 7.6.0-40.0.0 Gradle dependency or Maven from this:

Could you update us on when we can expect it? We are preparing for a 7.6.0-40.0.0 migration with our Maven/Gradle build and we need this dependency.


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Hello, it will be great to get 7.6.0-40.0.0 Gradle or Maven dependency. Thanks

Hi, is there a timeline for this?

Hi all,

thanks for your input and feedback. We have now started working on making the SG builds available again via a Maven repository. For the time being, please use the direct downloads links on the versions page. You can use the ES/KI plugin install command to install directly from the download link, or download and perform an offline installation. Sorry for the inconvenience!

However, it would be great to better understand why you require a Maven dependency for a ES/SG migration? Could you elaborate a bit on how your process looks like, so we can do better in future. Thanks!

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On my side, I had followed the sample Dockerfile in deviantony’s repo which made use of the Maven artifact and I didn’t even consider the fact that using the ZIP’s URL may also work. A few weeks ago deviantony has updated his repo to make use of the ZIP, which I will also do from now.

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