Search Guard for 7.7.0

Any timeline when SG for 7.7.0 would be released

It will be out during the next week.

I’m looking forward for and excited that release. :smile:

7.7.0 has been released:

Was 7.7.0 removed? Is there any issue?

Yes, as we have to rebuild our images, hence I am also curious why there replaced/removed

Sorry, but I don’t get the question … 7.7.0 has been released and is listed on the versions page:

Do you have any issues downloading?

@jkressin does not list 7.7.0

Hm … maybe a caching problem, for me 7.7.0 is displayed correctly. Can you try a shift-reload please?

I’ve done that but it didn’t work.

I tried this before, happens even in Incognito Mode :thinking:

Really strange … I will have a look into this, maybe a caching problem on our CDN. In the meantime, here are the direct download links:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Now seeing the latest version in the table, thank you!

Absolutely, and thanks for letting us know!