Scripted fields with fls

i’m using ES 6.5.4 with SG.
I have configured some roles with dls and fls.
My question is about the scripted field defined in the front end. Is there a way to hide those scripted fields if they weren’t listed in the available fields (in the sg_roles.tml file)?


There is no way to hide scripted fields currently. But based on your FLS rules a script can only access fields which are allowed. The same holds for masked fields/field anonymization - the script can only access the already anonymized value.

The scripted field return “null”, but it doesn’t mean the field is not available, so I was wondering how manage it considering some roles have access to the whole list of fields and others just a subset of them.

Because FLS work totally transparent and simulate the absence of a field i guess there is no way to find out if the value is actually null or if the field is missing because of FLS.

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