RSS feed for new release notifications?

is there an RSS feed available which contains (only) new release notifications of Search Guard releases?

for github hosted projects such an RSS feed can be obtained from github, but since you’re not hosted there i’m not sure where to get one.

we’ve set up an integration in our internal communication tool to gather together release notifications from the projects we’re based on and would like to also include Search Guard releases there.


Right now, we have the RSS feed of the announcements category of our Discourse instance:

This contains mostly just release notifications and has relatively low traffic, normally just 1 to 2 topics per month.

However, it also might contain announcements regarding beta versions and similar things.

Gitlab just offers an RSS feed of our Git tags. However, due to the complicated versioning structure, this might actually have a higher noise-to-information ratio than the Announcements category:

Would this information be sufficient to you? Or do you need more differentiated feeds? If yes, what would be the focus of your interest?

thanks, that RSS feed for the announcements category should be fine!

if anyone else is looking for the URL of the feed, here it is: (it seems that you can just append “.rss” on a discourse URL, which makes it rather easy :slight_smile:)

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