Refresh Kibana openid token in background after token expiry

I am using SG 7.0.1. I am using Kibana with openid. The jwt token expires after sometime. Is there any option which would refresh the token in background without displaying error in Kibana UI after token expiry?

How often does it expire for you? Do you see any errors in the Kibana log or the browser console?

You can set JWT lifetime in your identinty provider. For example: Keycloak and Okta.

I have set the timeout to 5min. So after every 5 mins I have to login again manually. So is there any option to auto refresh the token from background?
Also attached the kibana browser error.

SG doesn’t do the auto refresh in the background. Now I add this in the feature implementation queue. For now, increase the JST token timeout in your identity provider.

is it possible to do that (increase JST token lifetime) in keycloak ?

@faxmodem it is done in the Realm Settings
Keycloak: Can I set the expiry of a token per client/user/role? - Stack Overflow

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