New Release: Search Guard 50 for Elasticsearch 7.11.1 and 7.11.2

We can now announce the next release of Search Guard.

Search Guard 50 brings this:

Support for Elasticsearch 7.11.x

Search Guard now supports the newest incarnation of Elasticsearch. Please note due to the ES license change, we no longer can offers downloads of the sgadmin-standalone tool. However, we still provide downloads built for ES 7.10.2, which can be used without problems with newer versions of Search Guard and Elasticsearch.

Note: Due to issues with ES 7.11.0, we cannot offer Search Guard for ES 7.11.0.

Support for User Attributes in Tenant Patterns

Often requested, now available: You can now use user attributes to configure dynamic tenant patterns in sg_config:

  - tenant_patterns:
    - "dept_${user.attrs.dept_no}"

Audit Logging: Logging the Authentication Domain

Audit Logging now also logs information about the ways a user used for logging in at Search Guard. For example, users logging in via basic auth and an LDAP authentication backend get now the additional audit log attribute basic/ldap.

Signals Stability and Footprint Improvements

Search Guard 50 brings significant improvements regarding stability and the resource footprint of Signals Alerting.

… and more

You can find the full changelogs here:

You can find all versions here:

Search Guard Version Matrix

As always, we appreciate your feedback, questions, and feature requests here on the forum.

Have fun and have a great weekend!

Many greetings from the Search Guard team

Search Guard (®) is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, and authorization.

Coded with love in Berlin, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine and the US.

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@searchguard, I see new new elastic license doesn’t let SG to offer downloads of the sgadmin-standalone tool.

Can you please provide more information on this please? My setup is running on docker swarm and I use sgadmin-standalone to push the configs/to initialise SG on cluster setup.

What would be our next possible apporach that would allows use to run Sgadmin for remote machine?

As the release notes are saying:

It is however perfectly possible to use older versions of sgadmin-standalone with Search Guard on ES 7.11+.

So just continue to use the sgadmin-standalone 7.10.2-49.0.0 available here.

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