Multitenancy and Kibana Logs / Metrcs Apps


We use the SG Enterprise with Multitenancy. We need to enable the “Logs” and “Metrcs” apps which in turn require “spaces” unlocked, which is incompatible with multitenancy. Is there a workaround for the problem, or is it definitely impossible to use these Kibana/APM features with SG?


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Hi @robdom, welcome!

Can you confirm which way you connect to kibana, are you using OIDC/SAML etc?

Historically there were issues associated with these, therefore would like to test before replying.

But in general it is advisable to disable spaces as using both can lead to unexpected results. However I have tested “Logs” with spaces and multitenancy enabled (using ES7.13.2 - SG51.0.0) and haven’t seen any technical issues yet, apart from the fact of course that there are 2 separate “gatekeepers” of spaces/tenants - which will most likely cause confusion. Have to admit, I don’t have much experience with either one of these features, so my testing was very basic

Have you tried this and ran into issues? If so, can you provide the details and I will try to reproduce and also confirm which version of SearchGuard you are using?

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