Multiple SAML authentications can be configured?

I have a question regarding multiple saml authentication, I want to configure multiple IDP’s for multiple tenants.
How to configure multiple saml authentication domains ?
how to map each saml authentication in kibana.yml?

Currently I can configure single saml auth domain in sg_config.yml.
description: “Authenticate via SAML”
http_enabled: true
transport_enabled: false
order: 1
type: saml
challenge: true
metadata_file: okta.xml

You can configure multiple authentication domains in the Search Guard Elasticsearch plugin. Then use order to make sure they are used in the order you want. But there is no way to map multiple authentication domains in kibana.yml.

Thanks for the response.
Plugin allowing me to configure multiple authentications domain, but if there are multiple IDP’s configured for auth type saml , lets say order 1 and order 2. But in Kibana we can configure only auth type saml,
Kibana always connects order1 IDP only. Is there any way to specify the domain name or order which it can point?
Like the way in Elasticsearch we can specify the which saml auth it can connects.

Definitely it would be a nice feature. I add it to the feature queue. But now I can’t tell you the estimated time of arrival for it.