Move searchguard index to different data node


I have multiple set of data nodes with the attribute “box_type” on them.
The Searchguard index is on one box_type called hot-stg.
I want to relocate the index to a different node hot-prod, However, it keeps giving me security exception status 403 (even with the admin user).

Can someone help with this?
Thank you,

ELK Stack Versions:
Elasticsearch and Kibana: 7.4.0
Searchguard plugin: 7.4.0-36.2.0

The Search Guard configuration index is not accessible for regular users (including the demo “admin” role), since it contains sensitive information.

The usual approach is to use the admin TLS certificate for it. That’s the certificate that you use with sgadmin, and it will give you full access to the cluster, including full access to the Search Guard configuration index. You can use the admin cert with any tool like curl for example.

Perfect, that worked. Thank you for the quick response!

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