Kibana Tenants - valid characters for names

Is there are specific set of valid characters for Kibana tenant names?

The examples I can find in the documentation for defining tenants use only lowercase and underscores, like

    red_team: "RW"

As far as I know the only prohibited char is a dot. Why, do you have any error?

What are you basing that on?

No, I was just looking to avoid errors/issues/confusion that may result from attempting to create tenants with invalid characters which I didn’t know were invalid.

Based on your comment I just tried creating a tenant called FOO.BAR. When I run to load the configuration it runs without errors and then says Done with success. But a tenant called FOO.BAR does not appear in the list of available tenants in Kibana. And there’s no errors in the Elasticsearch log. So Search Guard is silently failing to create a tenant called FOO.BAR, which is unhelpful. Other than trial and error how would one figure out why the tenant isn’t being created when there’s (seemingly) no information on valid/invalid characters.

The info about dots is in v7 release notes Search Guard 7.x-35.0.0-rc1 | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard

The new format does now allow dots ( . ) in index names and regular expressions

Agree, it would be helpful to throw an error on this.

So does that mean dots are allowed in tenant names with Search Guard 7? Even if they are that doesn’t really help people using Search Guard 6, like I am, know that dots aren’t allowed.

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