Kibana cluster Status RED after upgrade

Kibana: 7.4.0
Elastic: 7.4.0
Searchguard kibana: 7.4.0-36.2.0

I have upgraded elastic and kibana from 7.3.0 to 7.4.0, at the same time installed supported latest version for searchguard, after kibana configuration it says status RED.

It’s showing a warning in kibana UI, can someone please help me with it, Thanks.

i have update kibana.yml with below parameter and restarted, still having same issue

elasticsearch.ssl.alwaysPresentCertificate: true

Nevermind, i have set it to elasticsearch.ssl.alwaysPresentCertificate: false, it works.

Just as a side note: Setting:

elasticsearch.ssl.alwaysPresentCertificate: true

has the effect that Kibana will always sends a TLS client certificate if configured in kibana.yml. This in combination with TLS client certificate authentication on Elasticsearch can lead to unwanted side effects, like elevated privileges. That’s why we issue the error on startup.

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