Kibana 6.8.7 - Searchguard version?


With the release of Kibana 6.8.7 ( which version of SearchGuard kibana plugin do we use?

Could you try SG v6.8.6 with Kibana v6.8.7 and let me know (in the current thread) if you have some issues?

You need to download SG v6.8.6, unzip the archive, change the version to 6.8.7-19.0 in package.json and move the unzipped plugin to kibana/plugins/searchguard.

Detailed instructions (Linux, OS X):

cd ~/Downloads
sed -i.bak "s/6.8.6-19.0/6.8.7-19.0/" kibana/searchguard-kibana-6.8.6-19.0-SNAPSHOT/package.json
mv kibana/searchguard-kibana-6.8.6-19.0-SNAPSHOT path/to/kibana/plugins/searchguard

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