INDEX action group

I’m trying to migrate a cluster from Elasticsearch 6 to 7 and am going through our custom roles and changing the action groups they use per Upgrading from 6.x to 7.x | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard

We have some roles which use an action group called INDEX. E.g.

    - indices:data/read/scroll
    - indices:data/read/scroll/clear
        - READ
        - indices:monitor/settings/get
        - indices:admin/get
        - MANAGE
        - INDEX
        - READ
        - DELETE

INDEX is an action group which is defined by default in Search Guard 6. I double checked it wasn’t something I or my colleagues had made by unziping and looking at sg_action_groups.yml and it is there,

mike@foo:tmp>unzip -q
mike@foo:tmp>grep -A7 ^INDEX: sgconfig/sg_action_groups.yml 
  readonly: true
    - "indices:data/write/index*"
    - "indices:data/write/update*"
    - "indices:admin/mapping/put"
    - "indices:data/write/bulk*"


But I cannot see INDEX mentioned at Upgrading from 6.x to 7.x | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard
Nor can I see it mentioned at Action Groups | Elasticsearch Security | Search Guard

Am I failing to see it or is it really not mentioned? And if it’s really not mentioned, then what do I do about this action group which is defined but undocumented?

There appears to be an SGS_INDEX action group defined in Search Guard now

So is that what I should use instead of INDEX ? I still can’t find any reference to INDEX or SGS_INDEX in the documentation.

@mikew You’re correct. SG_INDEX is the same as INDEX, and both are not documented in any version of SG documentation.
It will be reported to the dev team.

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