How to run in windows enviroment

Hi I in trying to install the elk stack and searchguard in a windows server. I am trying to use the sgctl tool in the same windows server to complete the installation. but that script does no run in windows is there a .bat version like in the sgadmin tool or do I need to install so prerequisites to be able to run in in windows.


Elasticsearch version:
Server OS version:
windows server 2016
Kibana version (if relevant):
Browser version (if relevant):

Browser OS version (if relevant):

Describe the issue:

sgctl is a Java-based tool, thus it is bascially platform-independent. Besides the .sh files, we are also distributing it in form of other artifacts which can be directly used with Java. See:

So, you could for example download the file sgctl-1.2.1-shaded.jar.

Aterwards, you can just execute it with Java similar to this:

java -jar sgctl-1.2.1-shaded.jar

(Possibly, you have to write java.exe instead or java or give the whole path to the Java binary)

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