How to generate hashes

At the old search-guard there was the hash utility to generate hashes e.g tools/ -p SomePass
Do you know how do I have the same fuctionality at flx ?
I know that I can put the password at REST api but I want to avoid it
Thanks, George Bouras

Hi @GeorgeBouras,

Search Guard uses a BCrypt hash for the passwords, so you can use any tool that is capable of producing a BCrypt hash.


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the following is working thanks !

htpasswd -bnBC 10 “” “SomePass” | tr -d ‘:\n’

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HI @GeorgeBouras,

You can also use sgctl to update internal user passwords or create new internal users :
i.e password update:
./ update-user <userName> --password <newPassword> --cert <path/to/your/superuser/cert.pem> --key <path/to/your/superuser/key.key> --ca-cert <path/to/your/root-ca.pem> -h <hostname>

Please see more here:

Let me know if you have any further questions:


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