Help me ! i want to use wildcard(*) with span_first query in elasticsearch search query

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Elasticsearch version:
Server OS version:
Describe the issue:
i just want to search by first span of elasticsearch data with ( * wildcard)
Steps to reproduce:
1.GET /ca_location/_search
“query”: {
“span_first” : {
“match” : {
“span_term” : { “display_name”: “toro*” }
“end” : 1

Expected behavior:
i want all words which start with “toro*” in first span of data
Provide configuration:
kibana/config/kibana.yml (if relevant)

Provide logs:
Screenshots (if relevant):
[Uploading: Screenshot from 2022-02-12 15-02-54.png…]( in this query i don’t get any result )
[Uploading: Screenshot from 2022-02-12 15-03-09.png…]( when i use full word then i got result , how can in get result by using (* wildcard) )

Errors in browser console (if relevant):

Additional data:

This issue is not related to the Search Guard security plugin. It is a limitation of the span_term query that is part of Elasticsearch.

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