FLX incompatible with xpac security and therefore Elastic Fleet?


We chose to try to use SearchGuard (FLX + ES/KBN 8.4.3), because we found your description of being compatible with Elasticsearch security (Compatibility | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard) But when reading the installation manual I’m finding that xpack.security.enabled: false is required.
Is there any possible combination of running with xpack.security.enabled or this just means that SearchGuard is not compatible?

I’d be glad to ditch the xpack.security.enabled, but that is required to run Elastic Fleet Agent server, and thus we can’t ditch it as far as I’m aware.

I’d be happy to hear any comments on these general things.

@andrisarkameru As you’ve found in the documentation, xpack.security.enabled: must be set to false to use the Search Guard plugin.

The mentioned compatibility page doesn’t mention X-Pack security but only Monitoring, Alerting and Machine Learning which are part of Elasticsearch X-Pack. These modules can be enabled individually even when xpack.security.enabled: is set to false.

Please find detailed information below.

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