Elasticsearch permission problems when upgrading from 8.8.2 to 8.11.4

I am upgrading my system from ES/Kibana 8.8.2 to ES/Kibana 8.11.4 and Search Guard 1.5.0-es-8.11.4. Elasticsearch came up fine, but I am getting the following error in Elasticsearch when Kibana is starting. Due to the error, Kibana cannot successfully start.

2024-01-31 21:24:49.092Z INFO  [elasticsearch[esnode-aln-nbadev4][transport_worker][T#49]] com.floragunn.searchguard.authz.PrivilegesEvaluator - ### No cluster privileges for cluster:admin/ingest/pipeline/put (org.elasticsearch.action.ingest.PutPipelineRequest)
User: User kibanaserver <basic/internal_users_db>
Roles: [SGS_UNLIMITED, SGS_KIBANA_SERVER, sg_index_maintenance, SGS_OWN_INDEX]
Evaluated Privileges:
_/cluster:admin/ingest/pipeline/put: MISSING

If you have SGS_UNLIMITED permission, shouldn’t you have all cluster permissions?

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Hi @silentfilm,

Is this issue still applicable, or have you found a solution?
Have you tried adding cluster:admin/ingest/pipeline/* to your kibanaserver user manually?


Since I could not get this to work, I’ve moved on to other issues. I might have time to try this in a couple of weeks.