Demo Docker not working


I just installed the Docker Demo Version: 7.x-40.0.0 but I’m always getting:
“Kibana server is not ready yet”

# curl http://localhost:5601
Kibana server is not ready yet

any help ?

Try to restart the Kibana container and look at the Kibana logs.

  1. List docker containers docker ps
  2. Find the Kibana container id. It should be listening to>5601/tcp
  3. Restart it docker restart containerid
  4. Look at the Kibana logs. Post the logs here if you see any error or warning.


Thanks for your reply. Reading the log as you sugest the problem was clear. It was necessary to increase vm.max_map_count, so I just did on the host:

sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144


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I’m glad you resolved the problem, closing the topic.