CVE-2020-13936 security vulnerability in org.apache.velocity_velocity

Our security scanner reports lib org.apache.velocity_velocity which is used in your sources as vulnerable.
This applies to applications that allow untrusted users to upload/modify velocity templates running Apache Velocity Engine versions up to 2.2.

CVE Description: NVD - cve-2020-13936

Package: search-guard-7/velocity-1.7.jar

Affected Versions: up to 2.2

Could you please update library version to fix this issue, or confirm that you don’t allow users to upload/modify velocity templates at all.

Hi - Velocity is used internally by the SAML library we ship. A user cannot change or upload any Velocity templates, so Search Guard is unaffected by this CVE. I will file an issue nonetheless to see if we can upgrade the SAML libs.

Hi. Thank you very much for response.

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