Curl command to check TLS version for port


Using the above document, I am able to configure TLS version accordingly. But, I am able to get reply from the disabled TLS version also by using the below curl command. Is that curl command is correct? Can someone please help on this one?

Command: curl http://: --insecure --tlsv1.x --tls-max 1.x --verbose

Thanks in Advance.

Command is typed incorrectly. Please refer below.

Command: curl http://localhost:port --insecure --tlsv1.x --tls-max 1.x --verbose

Hi @Karthi

Try to run the command below:

curl --tlsv1.1 --tls-max 1.1 --insecure -u username:password -XGET https://localhost:9200/_searchguard/authinfo?pretty

TLS doesn’t work for http requests. Please make sure that you use https.

@Karthi Could you please send your configurations where you configured TLS? Which version of Search Guard and ElasticSearch do you use?


SearchGuard Version - 6.5.4
ElasticSearch Version - 6.5.4


Please find the attached file for TLS configuration details.

elasticsearch.yml (1.6 KB)

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