backendroles in Internal Users Database


I need a clarification of backendroles stored in Internal Users Database.

Does it mean that for example if I create a user “A” and assign him backendroles C and then create new user B and assign backendroles C this two users A and B

are combined in one role C that I can use when Im assigning role mapings?

Im Right?

No (I think you have it back to front). The users are separate.

The roles_mapping defines what backend roles get applied when a user is given that backend role. e.g.



  • kibanauser

This says any user defined with the kibanauser backend role has the permissions defined in sg_kibana_user. So user A and B could both be defined as kibanauser with different passwords, and user B could also have snapshotrestore. In that case user B would have the combined authentication of kibanauser and snapshotrestore.