After the installation of searchguard elasticsearch is not working

I have manually installed searchguard 7.2.0 for my elasticsearch 7.2.0 in windows 8 and after running the elasticsearch batch file it is not getting connected to the default localhost.

elasticsearch.log (377.1 KB)

Above is the log file of elasticsearch

elasticsearch.yml.example (16.0 KB) sg_action_groups.yml (450 Bytes) sg_config.yml (10.7 KB) sg_internal_users.yml (1.4 KB) sg_roles.yml (1.4 KB) sg_roles_mapping.yml (952 Bytes) sg_tenants.yml (393 Bytes)

Above is the searchguard files

elasticsearch.yml (5.0 KB)

Above is the elasticsearch.yml configuration file

Any help would be appreciated
Thank You

Who is not able to ‘getting connected to the default localhost’?

If you connect make sure you connect via https:// (and not http://). Also make sure you run sgadmin to initialize the cluster: Configuration Migration | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard

If you are new to Search Guard we recommend to start with Demo Installer | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard and Main concepts | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard

Thanks… But after making the relevant changes the result is still the same.

the cmd window is shown below!

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