Adding more nodes to cluster

Elasticsearch 6.7.1
Search Guard 6.7.1-24.3

I currently have a single instance of Elasticsearch running with Search Guard enabled and working. I want to add additional nodes to the cluster for redundancy. What are the steps to insure that search guard is available and working on all of the nodes (assuming they are properly licensed and working on the master node) ?

  • do I just need to install the plugin zip file on the new nodes and make sure the elasticsearch.yml file is correctly configured - OR - do I also need to run any additional commands on the new nodes?


The setup is basically the same for each node:

Create the TLS certificates for the nodes
Depending on what level of security you want to implement, you can use one certificate per node, or one certificate for all nodes (less secure of course). Add the TLS configuration to elasticsearch.yml on all nodes

Configure the node certificates
SG uses TLS to make sure only trusted nodes can join the cluster:

That’s basically it. If your initialized Search Guard already, the SG security index is propagated to the new nodes automatically. If you did not initialize SG, use sgadmin to do so. You can use any node in your cluster to upload the configs with sgadmin.

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