Searchguard demo error

Dear all,
I installed a demo version searchguard on elasticsearch6.5.1 and kibana6.5.1. While I started kibana, there is an error message in read on the kibana console. Could you help to take a look.

my elasticsearch.yml
elasticsearch.yml (4.1 KB)

my kibana.yml:
kibana.yml (5.1 KB)

This usually indicates that Kibana cannot reach Elasticsearch or there is some problem with the Kibana server user. You should see log statements regarding this in the Kibana logs as well.

The good thing to start is testing authentication from a command line on a Kibana server. You can do this with a command:

curl -u kibanaserver:kibanaserver -k https://localhost:9200

This will help us to test if a problem is Kibana or ElasticSearch configuration related.

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