Allow specifying default Kibana tenant per user or role

Alice has access to two tenants, WebDev and Ops. By default Search Guard will always select Ops when she logs in because O comes before W in the alphabet. But Alice is in the WebDev team so the vast majority of the time she wants the WebDev tenant. Alice is annoyed by how every time she logs in to Kibana she has to “fix” which tenant is selected. I set

searchguard.multitenancy.tenants.preferred: [“WebDev”]

and that causes Search Guard to select WebDev by default when Alice logs in and Alice is happy.

Bob also has acecss to the tenants WebDev and Ops. By default Search Guard was selecting Ops when he logs in and Bob was happy because he is in the Ops team, so the vast majority of the time he wants the Ops tenant. But then a change was made to Search Guard’s configuration because of Alice’s complaint. Now when Bob logs in WebDev is selected by default and Bob is now, quite reasonable, annoyed by this because every time he logs in to Kibana he has a “fix” which tenant is selected.

There is no way to make Search Guard give both Alice and Bob the default tenant they want.

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